Day 11: My Co-Conspirator

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Single, no kids, and sheltering in place but not alone

The large local agency that manages food donations in our county desperately needs volunteers to pack thousands of boxes of food for delivery to families. They have taken over a conference center so the workers have the space to social distance. I have the time and health to volunteer but you have to be under sixty. Understandable, though I think it is an overreaction in cases like mine where there are no compromised health issues.

This kind of thing is when you realize that your social contact with others (social, not physical) is down to one or two or even none. In person, that is. We have social media but this means wading through weird news, bad ads, paranoid friends, etc. And the rediscovery of longer phone conversations. I now have to remember to keep my phone charged (I don’t stream media on it so it rarely needs a charge beyond plugging in when I sleep).

But I have a co-conspirator I am sharing this experience with. My very close friend and I decided early on, that as two single people we would see this thing through together. We share some meals, work in the same space part of the time, and also spend time apart in our own places. But the physical presence of another person is very comforting. I think we have made the right choice.

Yesterday, I touched on the subject of families spending entire days on end with each other. This seems, to me, to be a game changer. A reversion to the days when extended families cared for each other in the same households. I’m not nostalgic, this was not my experience, but it has to change family dynamics. For example, younger children are going to be sharing the why of things- why we are home, why the world changed, and why I need to contribute. No more sheltering the kids from the world of parenting.

I read a piece about fantasizing what the end of this thing looks like, a time when things return to normal and we see others out, go to restaurants, and stores are full and safe. The writer realized that this is likely a fantasy, that things have changed for the long run, and people will be wary of embracing the old ways for a while. If only those who magically think they can wave a government wand and make it go away, so the stock market can go up, would realize that we are not idiots. Most of us, at least.

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