Berserkers in the House of Representatives are Out of Control

Much ado about nothing, certainly not about governing

3 min readJun 8


Photo by robin mikalsen on Unsplash

Berserk: “violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged”

The last time I checked, the reason we elect people to government is to govern, to do positive things for the country, to move us forward as a society.

Apparently, not any more. Right now Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and nine other Freedom Caucus House members are effectively shutting down a branch of our government because they have boo-boos, or something like that.

Actually they don’t like what a bipartisan majority of the House did to avoid bankrupting the US and forcing the global economy into a massive recession. So they are throwing a hissy fit and using procedural rules to stop their Republican colleagues from doing their jobs.

It should be pointed out that they are doing this to their own party, not the Dems.

It is really hard to take these bozos seriously. It’s obviously a grab for media attention, but there is something more sinister going on here. They want to permanently shut down the federal government because it doesn’t let everyone do anything they want regardless of whether those acts are safe or helping to manage a huge country with 330 million citizens.

Imagine a world with 330 million Matt Gaetzes or, God forbid, more than one Lauren Boebert, doing whatever their heart desires. You know, taking advantage of underage women, waving guns around, etc.

As they used their fake outrage to shut things down, the House went on sabbatical and members left town to go home and beg for money while bragging about things that they didn’t do. Like the thousands of local infrastructure projects that were funded by the actions of Joe Biden, a doddering old man who gets more done in a year than they have done in their entire lives.

Well, I correct myself. They have alerted us to the existential dangers of trans youth and something called woke, that not one of them can actually define in terms any of us understand. Cultural Marxism? Ron, what the hell does that mean?




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