Ben, I’d say you just about nailed it. I’ve been doing this for considerably longer and these things are still a factor. I am on retainer with one client for a certain amount of hours per week and they provide me a desk if I want it. And sometimes when I want to get away from my home office, I go there and do work. I also moved up to a larger apartment so I could have a dedicated office. The retainer client is good because I can get more in-depth and feel the team thing (and the therapy thing!). But I am about to take a long working trip and they will be adjusting to not having me onsite. When I do that, I take trains whenever possible, because they are my ideal work environment.

Finally, the writing I do here provides some kind of connection to other writers and freelancers. I do not do it for money, though it buys me a few nice dinners every month.

Thanks for this. M

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Novelist, Tech Marketing Writer, Growth Consultant. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years- 8 non-fiction books and 1 novel, many articles, etc.

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