Are Trump Fans Realizing He’s a Scammer?

His current tour is a dud

3 min readDec 14, 2021


Photo by Ali Yaqub on Unsplash

If you read my stuff you know I don’t think the guy actually has the power the GOP thinks he does. That mythological base that will save the party. But what I do know is that the guy is a grifter and always has been. Though not a very good one because a great grifter has taken the money and run long before anyone realizes they’ve been had.

Trump and Bill O’Reilly are on a mini tour and the cheap seats are 100 bucks, while the VIPs can pay up to ten grand for the honor of getting a picture with him. I honestly can’t believe anyone capable of blowing $10,000 for such a blatant scam exists but apparently they do. Which is pretty awful.

This ‘tour’ serves only two purposes that I can see. First, Trump only lives on constant attention, good or bad. He literally has to have it. So, there’s that. But that is not really what this is about.

It’s about the money. Someone looked back at his successful free rallies and said, hmm, what if we charge for them? Maybe it was doofus Eric, but I’m guessing it was his dad, because that is the way his mind works. Let’s scam these chumps.

Only one problem. They’re apparently not buying this one (they didn’t buy the steaks, the vodka, the casinos, or the Trump university either). Reports are that attendance was pitiful for their first event and O’Reilly and Trump didn’t even bother showing up on time.

You’d think his fans would eventually wake up and get pissed about him sucking up their money and attention. But the Republicans are doubling down on his mystique, which is about as mystical as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Go figure.

Since I wrote this yesterday, there are several articles appearing in major media questioning Trump’s actual power, finally. But the real story is Mark Meadows, who apparently is not the brightest light on the planet, having published a self-incriminating book, and then agreed to work with the January 6th committee only to change his mind and refuse.

His refusal opened the door to the committee recommending criminal contempt charges against him and, in the process, revealing that they may have evidence of criminal activity by the former president the Donald.

And all this overshadows the other committee investigating the Trump White House coverup of the severity of the Covid pandemic for political reasons. They are highlighting the role of another idiot, Peter Navarro, who first warned Trump about the virus then helped him play it down, possibly leading to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

This is all shaping up to be a perfect storm of real legal trouble for a lot of people that hovered around the Trump White House trying to grab a little something for themselves from the grift. These people left a major trail of evidence that was easy to follow, seemingly unaware that everything any public figure does these days is on the record.




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