Are the Republicans the Party of Stupid?

Do they really want people like Herschel Walker running things?

3 min readOct 5, 2022


Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

How about Doug Mastriano, the guy who thinks women who get abortions should be charged with murder? Or Ron Johnson, a guy who can’t keep track of what he stands for from day to day? And how about the sixteen Florida GOP federal politicians who voted against FEMA funding just two weeks before their state was hammered by Hurricane Ian? And are now begging for that money?

Walker paid a woman to abort a pregnancy and she has receipts to prove it. After taking the hardest possible stand against women’s rights to make their own decisions regarding reproductive rights.

And the entire Republican establishment is backing him up.

We know that whatever collective intelligence the party once had was destroyed by their leader, future jailmate Donald Trump, a man who cannot abide competence. Now, the party line is ‘elect anyone we can, even if we won’t be able to control them’.

There is a saying that keeps coming to mind these days: garbage in, garbage out. If you elect stupid, willfully ignorant people with no respect for the laws of the land they are vying to represent, logic says that very stupid, bad things will happen.

To say the Republican position is short-sighted is an understatement of monumental proportions. This stupidity would get completely out of control overnight. And the MAGA Republicans are counting on it. After all, their fearless leader, who seems pretty scared right now, has threatened their own Senate Leader McConnell with violence.

Stop for a second and think about that statement. A group of people who want to Make America Great Again want to do so by electing morons who will look the other way as laws are broken, whose leader is facing a barrage of serious charges, and whose election committee cannot manage money, much less their incompetent candidates.

This, by any definition, is a shitshow. And it is the Republican platform.

Meanwhile, over here in sane America, Biden is quietly fixing the economy, standing up to the Russian pipsqueak waving nukes, rebuilding American manufacturing, and fixing an infrastructure on the verge of deadly…




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