All marketing, including B2B, is storytelling and this is why: We do not market to companies, purchasing departments, CEOs, or any other group. We market to individual persons who have to see how this fits in with their story. What if they make a bad recommendation? What if it sounds like it costs too much? What will I look like if I (wear it, talk about it, ‘like’ it, etc.)?

Cost concerns: ROI story of the hidden benefits with examples.

Recommendation: Stories that cover every objection.

Personal risk: Reputational stories, who else wears it, eats it, likes it.

Designers tell stories of feel (industrial, Danish Modern, funky, etc.) with color and the way they lead a visitor through an experience, marrying visual with auditory (the written story).

Can you explain a product without a story?

Those people claiming to be creatives or marketing pros who don’t know this, don’t know what they don’t know. We sell experiences, not widgets.

Written by

Novelist, Tech Marketing Writer, Growth Consultant. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years- 8 non-fiction books and 1 novel, many articles, etc.

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