A Nation of Sore Losers With Millions of Members

It’s called the Republican Party



Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Let’s shoot straight with this numbers game. Approximately 28% of voting Americans consider themselves Republicans. Not right-leaning Independents; card-carrying GOP members. Since few of us change parties, it can be assumed they are lifelong members.

And their leadership, at every level, has embraced a new political belief in America, that if you lose the vote it must be corrupt. Yes, we have a nation’s worth of sore losers and they are doubling down.

It’s easy to trace this new reality back to its origins. Narcissists cannot admit defeat under any circumstances. To do so would bring down their entire psychological house of cards. You cannot be a loser if you are automatically the most important person in the room, in your own mind.

We all know who I am talking about, so I’ll just let that pitiful bit of US history go and focus instead on what he has unleashed in our society. In virtually everything in life there are trade offs. Sometimes you come out ahead, sometimes you don’t. But we now have a major party claiming to only experience the former.

Which by the way is impossible. No one wins all the time.

We have a tradition of disliking sore losers, those who claim fraud or make excuses when things don’t go their way. It is the path of bullies, grifters, and outright liars. And it has become the path the Republican leadership has chosen to follow.

The recent disclosures that Fox’s leading on air talent were broadcasting one thing while believing another is yet more proof that the GOP knows the lie is false, but they have made it their own, in their desperate grab to keep power. And desperate is exactly how they are coming across.

Speaker McCarthy of the House actually rewarded Fox this week by releasing 44,000 hours of Capitol security footage to Tucker Carlson, one of the Fox anchors who knowingly lied for ratings. We can expect his producers to cherry pick footage to throw blame on the Dems.

After all, if Fox’s lies benefit McCarthy’ party, why not double down?

Claiming something is true just because you said it is, is not a very convincing argument. It…




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