$440 Million, So Far. So Much For Mr Business President

A well-deserved catastrophe for America’s biggest loser



Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

Why would we elect a man whose lack of self-control has cost him unimaginable millions? Engoron’s fine decision in the New York civil case about Trump’s business practices, on top of the E. Jean Carroll millions, leaves the billionaire without a business and likely no cash. Not to mention the tens of millions for legal fees.

Republican donors are already balking about paying those legal fees.

He can appeal but he has to post a huge bond in case he loses that appeal. It’s questionable where that cash will come from. No sympathy there but it brings us to why anyone in this country would continue to support and vote for him. His claims of business savvy were at the core of his election strategy in 2016.

Those claims are empty now. They always were but his appearance as a businessman in The Apprentice reality TV show apparently convinced his supporters that he was actually a real businessman on the program. It was entirely fake. And now we know his acumen in real life is a house of mirrors.

In addition to the huge fines, he is banned from doing business in New York for three years. But even worse, his company cannot do business with any bank doing business in New York, which is basically every bank on the planet. The organization is a real estate developer and developers are in the business of borrowing money, so this essentially puts them out of business.

It is doubtful how much cash Trump can access and now his source of cash may dry up for years. Watch for asset sales and when you’re selling because of pressing legal issues, you are unlikely to get a good deal, especially when the legitimate value of those assets has been questioned in a losing civil case.

You would think the Republican Party would have panicked by now and be scrambling to find a new candidate. Any sane organization would have done that years ago. Now we can expect even more whining and crying about fairness, reverse racism, crooked Biden conspiracies, and on and on, endlessly.

He has moved past being the biggest loser to being the biggest victim, and he deserves every fine thrown at him. So when…




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