I could care less about the metaverse. Tell Zuck to stick it. Are you looking forward to living your life in a low rez simulation? I’m not. In case you haven’t noticed, reality is pretty amazing. And it’s free.

I still exist on Facebook, but rarely check in. About the…

“What are they for? Can you tell me what they are for?- President Joe Biden when asked about Republican obstruction. I’ve been asking myself this question for twelve years. As far as I can see the only major accomplishment they can tout is a tax break for billionaires and huge…

According to the Washington Post, 75.1% of Americans have had at least one dose of vaccine. I have watched this number very slowly creep up, very slowly, and it has me wondering about a number of things. I’m 67 and in my group, 65+, over 95% are fully (two shots)…

A redemptive moment?

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash
  1. Shaky hands
  2. Balance and vertigo issues
  3. Acid reflux
  4. Messed up digestion
  5. Sleep interruption
  6. Spending money you can’t afford
  7. Lack of focus
  8. No motivation to exercise
  9. General grogginess all day
  10. Not doing your best work
  11. A static life on hold
  12. Missing out on a lot of life
  13. Failure to accept and…

“Why do you write on Medium?” This question appeared in a comment this morning and I realized the answer was a little complex. It’s certainly not for the money, which fluctuates wildly and unpredictably. I view it as a bonus, not a part of my income.

I have written professionally…


Former software marketer. Former musician. Writer, nine non-fiction books, two novels, Buddhist, train lover. Amateur cook, lover of life most of the time!

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